Friday, January 20, 2017



The game Pong is an American classes played by Generation X and is still found online today! This game is fun and simple. You can either use your mouse or keyboard to play the game so you feel comfortable playing no matter what.
 Additionally, you can choose your ability level so you the game won't feel impossible if you are a beginner. This game also has a very high replay ability because it is a short and easy game that you really want to win. The graphics however are poor because the date in which it was made. 

One downfall of the game is that there is no story line so if you like to be fully emerged in the game... this isn't the game for you. The game, however, is very entertaining and you have a lot of fun playing it - especially if you are competitive. Every time you miss a ball, the computer gets a point and every time the computer misses you earn a point. As you can see, it's quite hard to win because the computer is hard to beat.

There isn't a ramp of difficulty because you don't move on to a harder level once you complete the first one. However, you are able to choose how difficult you want the game to be, so, if you start at beginners you are able to move on to a harder level