Monday, December 12, 2016

Zoombinis : An Educational Adventure

Zoombinis is a very entertaining game that teaches young children problem solving skills as they have fun playing. In the game, you are given 16 characters call zoombinis that you can either customize or randomly produce them. You take these characters through quests that sort zoombinis into different groups. These quests help kids learn how to use the process of elimination in order to pass the level and successfully.   

Zoombinis obviously doesn't have the best graphics but it is on purpose. This is a remake of the game that is based off of a version released in the 90s. The game is meant to take people back to earlier animations and keep the original feel of the game. One negative thing about the game is that the narrator's voice is hard to hear. This narrator leads you through the game and sometimes gives you important hints so you need to hear his voice. The other sounds in the game however, are fun and loud so that it appeals to kids. The game is also easy to play which is great for kids! When you fail a quest you always feel the need to keep trying because it is fun and the game pushes you to get to the next check points that comes every three levels. You use your mouse to click and drag the zoombinis in order to sort them.

One thing that you may think is bad is that the narrator does not give you any directions. I personally think that this is a good thing because it can teach people to solve problems on their own which makes them a more mature person.

The first puzzle helps people solve their problems with a limited number of tries. This pushes people to think more in order to complete the level. Also, in the third level you need to use the process of elimination and learn from your mistakes. This is a very valuable lesson especially for kids that are still learning proper behavior skills. Overall, this game was really fun for me and educational.

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