Monday, December 19, 2016

My Game!

Bacon : An Adventure Game

Story Line: 
Alex grew up on a farm with her mother, father, brother Timmy, and her baby pig,
Bacon. She was five when Bacon showed up on her doorstep. Without hesitation, Alex brought the little pig in and gave it a loving home.
Now Alex is 16 and Bacon is 8. They go on incredible adventures together and they are both always by each other's side. One day Alex and Bacon found a coldrain in an abandoned Witch’s hut, along with redstone, and some extra gold under it. Alex picked it up and the two walked home excited to brew many potions together. Alex found that if she got just 1 netherwart from the Withers Nether fortress, she could save the world from hunger, and all of the monsters that lurked in the darkness. But as once said, Bacon becomes lost, now Alex must put aside the world in order to save her best friend from the fiery doom of the Nether.
Oh No!! Alex’s pig, Bacon, has gone missing! The last time Bacon was seen, he and Alex were on a treacherous quest through the nether to get nether warts for their immunity potion. If Alex can find Bacon and get the nether warts before the wither awakens, she will be able to make the whole world of Minecraft live forever
The pig, Bacon, is a normal vanilla minecraft pig who doesn't show up until the end, in which he will appear bounded to a wooden pole, in which Alex will need to free him. At first he will be dirty and he will express a very sad helpless expression but when Alex frees him, his skin will change and he will be happy and help Alex fight the Wither (by throwing radishes) and monsters that will spawn randomly.
  • Alex is a young teen who is always getting into some sort of trouble on the adventures she and her pig go on, therefore her clothes are a little rugged and her face is muddy. She has a dark green leather backpack that she always carries with her when she and Bacon go on adventures. It can store a lot of items but will only be used for the coins. She has a light green shirt with brown long pants and black boots. The boots give her speed I, to run away from the monsters.
Pigmen, typical skin and movements
The Wither is the main boss in this adventure game
The animals and Family at the beginning of the game are the NPCs that will talk if Alex gets close enough to them. Nothing important, so if the player happens to miss it, it's no big deal.
  • Checkpoint 1:  Alex realizes that her pig is gone after going into the barn to feed him and the other animals, she ventures through the dark cave where she usually mines to get to the nether portal in order to get pig back. (After she reads a note from the pigmen that she found on his bed.)
  • Checkpoint 2: She realizes that there is one block of obsidian missing from the top corner of the portal. Thus, she travels down further into the mine and makes her way to a mine-shaft. After searching through the maze that we will have built, she will find the last piece of obsidian in the cave, and she will mine it.
  • Checkpoint 3: She will arrive back at the portal and go through, this special effect will reveal the nether. It’s over come with pigmen who are angry. She sees Bacon in a prison at the top of the pyramid, guarded by Blazes .She fights them off, and frees Bacon.
  • Checkpoint 4: Once she has Bacon back, she fights the rest of the mobs off and then goes to find the giant nether fortress. They come up to it and move in slowly. The (half-health ((it won’t be able to fly)) ) Wither spawns and tries to kill them. They defeat the monster and find the nether wart.
  • Other: They go home, create the potion, and the whole world is saved!

  • Every time you reach a checkpoint, you will get 20 coins, there will also be coins hidden in chests across the map(will have backpack mod installed to add onto her back)
  • Netherwarts
    that will be used for the potions at the end of the game
  •  Radishes
    That bacon will throw to help kill of the evil mobs.
  •  Alex’s Diamond Sword and pick-axe that will be essential for the game
  • In the right hand corner of the players hot-bar, there will be a nether star that will allow them to go back to the previous checkpoint, if clicked with 3 times.

Scoring Mechanisms:  (Health, Score, Lives) 
  • 3 lives when fighting the wither
  •  unlimited lives when fighting other mobs
  •  Health: 20
Winning / Losing Scenario:
If win: “Congratulation, you’ve found Bacon and killed the wither! The world is saved!!!”
If lose: “WAH WAH WAH…  Bacon has been killed by the pigmen, and the world has not been saved..”
  •  WASD, regular sprint and shift and jump
  • Restart with ctrl R
  • Strike with left click
  • Unbind Bacon from ropes with B
Game Mechanics / Game Play
  • Controls (listed above)
  • Adventure game (not levels, checkpoints)
  • Designed for kids 8-15
Special Considerations regarding automating your game
  • At game start: Multiple signs explaining what has happened and what our goal is
  • Typical minecraft monster and enemy skins (Pigmen, wither)
  •  There will be barriers preventing the player from going the wrong way.
                 L> There will be a 600(maybe) block boundary across the whole map.
  •       The pigmen will spawn immediately, once the player has entered the portal, and once they have gone through, they can not go back, until they have accomplished the mission.
  • The player will start in the farmhouse, at the breakfast table, with her family (SPAWN POINT)

My Work So Far:

Monday, December 12, 2016

Zoombinis : An Educational Adventure

Zoombinis is a very entertaining game that teaches young children problem solving skills as they have fun playing. In the game, you are given 16 characters call zoombinis that you can either customize or randomly produce them. You take these characters through quests that sort zoombinis into different groups. These quests help kids learn how to use the process of elimination in order to pass the level and successfully.   

Zoombinis obviously doesn't have the best graphics but it is on purpose. This is a remake of the game that is based off of a version released in the 90s. The game is meant to take people back to earlier animations and keep the original feel of the game. One negative thing about the game is that the narrator's voice is hard to hear. This narrator leads you through the game and sometimes gives you important hints so you need to hear his voice. The other sounds in the game however, are fun and loud so that it appeals to kids. The game is also easy to play which is great for kids! When you fail a quest you always feel the need to keep trying because it is fun and the game pushes you to get to the next check points that comes every three levels. You use your mouse to click and drag the zoombinis in order to sort them.

One thing that you may think is bad is that the narrator does not give you any directions. I personally think that this is a good thing because it can teach people to solve problems on their own which makes them a more mature person.

The first puzzle helps people solve their problems with a limited number of tries. This pushes people to think more in order to complete the level. Also, in the third level you need to use the process of elimination and learn from your mistakes. This is a very valuable lesson especially for kids that are still learning proper behavior skills. Overall, this game was really fun for me and educational.